Made for the Godot Wild Jam #45

Fullscreen recommended

NOTE: for some reason the outline shader doesn't work in the web version, so things don't look quite as nice. Sorry :(

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Short credits:


This is a 3D parkour/platforming/grappling/uhhh... just general movement... fun game. If you like any of the following, this game may be for you:

  • Interesting movement mechanics (the gravity whip in this game is quite unique)
  • Goin' fast
  • Fun games
  • Sliding, grappling hooks, and/or flying
  • Speedrunning

Most of the levels are underground, so it totally fits the theme. :D

Anyways, for those who want more detail before playing:

This game is about getting to the goal as fast (or with as much style) as possible. You have several tools at your disposal:

  • Walking: BORING, next
  • Jumping: ok, well, pretty normal
  • Sliding: build speed when going downhill (and maintain it for a while on flat surfaces), with responsive steering. Just don't go too fast and fly off a curve into the void ;)
  • Grappling hook: a medium-range grappling hook that lets you swing around on anything you want (yep, literally everything is grapple-able). The reel-in and reel-out are powerful enough to launch you pretty far if you use them right.
  • Gravity Whip: the unique element of this game. The gravity whip has two modes of operation:
    • Attractor (middle mouse button): if aimed at a static object, you'll get a big burst of speed in the direction you're facing; if aimed at a moving object, it'll be pulled towards you
    • Dragger (right mouse button): if aimed at a static object, you'll be pushed opposite the direction you look (so, look down to launch upwards); if aimed at an object, it'll be dragged around to wherever you look

If you master these mechanics, you'll be able to move very freely in all 3 dimensions. To help get you there, or just to play around, I built a "skatepark" level for experimentation. :)


  • Move with WASD
  • Aim with mouse
  • Jump with space
  • Slide with ctrl
  • Fire grapple with left mouse button (LMB)
    • Reel in with Q and out with E
  • Activate gravity whip with RMB/MMB
    • RMB: attach to surface (or object) and pull in the direction you look
    • MMB: pull object towards you, or you towards surface
  • Misc keybinds:
    • R to respawn at last checkpoint
    • F to toggle flashlight
    • H to toggle HUD
    • `~ to reset level
    • F11 to toggle fullscreen


  1. More levels
    1. Expand the tutorials to include more practice with each tool before the next one is introduced
  2. High score (best time) tracker with three modes, each tracking scores separately:
    1. Checkpoints required (in any order)
    2. Checkpoints required (in level's order)
    3. Checkpoints not required
  3. OOB killbox
  4. Option to have the camera focus on where the grav whip attaches to not be as disorienting
    1. When the grav-whip is attached, make double-tapping any movement key (WASD) trigger a full-power whip in that direction (up, down, left, right) to make this basic movement easier to accomplis
  5. Fix the weird slippy behavior of walking on slopes


Rise Out (win).zip 172 MB
Rise Out (linux).zip 173 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip before playing

If you get a screen that says "Windows protected your PC", you can fix it by right-clicking on the EXE, selecting "Properties" at the bottom of the list, and checking the "Unblock" box at the bottom right of the window that pops up.


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It takes a little while to get used to it, but it's very interesting. I get 1000 u/s when I fell in a level. The song was interesting, but the velocity keep increasing, then I reset. XD

Yeah I uhh didn't get to adding an OOB killbox yet :`) but hey, gotta go fast, am I right