A downloadable game for Windows

REWIRE is a platformer game made in approximately 36 hours for GMTK game jam 2021. The theme for the jam was "joined together", which this project fits in two ways! First: you join and re-join mechanisms using your grappling hook. Second: the grappling hook joins together movement and environment interaction!

Controls are typical: AWSD to move (W jumps, S crouches), left click to fire grappling hook. Hold left click to be pulled towards the hook. If your hook hits a mechanism, you'll swap wires with it, allowing you to open and close gates and disable security cameras. The goal of each level is to get to the *beautiful* checkered flag at the other end. Don't ask me why this mysterious location has flags and such everywhere...

I was able to make 9 levels. The first few introduce grappling and various mechanisms, while the last two are "challenge levels" :) If I had a bit more time, I could've made more to explore the interesting interactions this system can provide, but it's almost 6am... such is life.

PS. The protagonist is small... but you will see that he has a beeg heart <3



Install instructions

Hi, thanks for downloading my game! Simply extract the .zip file and run REWIRE.exe in the 32bit or 64bit folder (based on your computer). This information is also contained in a README file inside the zip. All required DLLs are included, so you should be able to try it out instantly. Hope you have fun!


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Awesome game!

Thank you so much!!