Part 2 (and probably the last) of my "learning unity" demo series. It's a basic implementation of a Rubik's color puzzle cube... with absolutely no copyright infringement...

You can put any size you want in the text box, but I'd suggest you keep it below 10, since the number of cube pieces grows... uh... cubically... and Unity is slow lol

Click on a piece of the cube and drag it to rotate; click on the background and drag to look around the cube. The scramble button queues up n^2 random moves. The reset button will:

  • if the value in the textbox is the same as the current cube size: all pieces will be rotated back into place. It looks pretty neato
  • if the value is different: the old cube is destroyed and a new cube is created in its place. You monster

Anyways have fun. I like to just press "Scramble" and "Reset" over and over :^)

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