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In Aether, you control two orbs floating through a space filled with colorful planets. Your goal is to wrap your chain tightly around these planets and "eat" them. Be careful - if you touch a planet, you lose. Each planet also exerts a small force on you. The type of force is based on its color:

  • Blue - attract
  • Cyan - repel
  • Green - rotate counter-clockwise
  • Yellow - rotate clockwise
  • Red - slow down
  • Magenta - speed up

Avoiding planets can be pretty hard at first, especially since it's so different from most other games. I recommend sharing the controls with a friend so you don't have to keep track of both orbs at the same time.

You can tell the two orbs apart because one is blank and one has a dot.

The game has full keyboard and game controller support. The blank orb is controlled with AWSD or the left joystick and the dotted orb is controlled with the arrow keys or the right joystick.



Install instructions

Hi! Thanks for checking out my game! Just extract the .zip file you received, go into the 32bit or 64bit folder, and run Aether.exe to play.

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